I look down at you and wonder why I should even allow you in my presence. Just because you think you can serve me doesn’t mean I’ll take you. First of all, you have zero redeeming qualities. I’m willing to bet you’ve probably been dumped by every woman you’ve ever dated.

What you claim to call a cock doesn’t even need to be measured. It’s so pathetic I’m surprised you even tried to show it to me. I’ll give you a chance to plead your case of why you could possibly be able to handle the most remedial task I assign. Even if it is just a case of telling you what to do with your small penis.

Humiliation Isn’t JUST for Small Penises

Oh wow, you even stutter like a loser! Since you can’t explain what you’re working with, (or not working with in this case) let Mistress Alexis lay it out for you. If I were a light switch, you still couldn’t turn me on, so what am I to do with you? Sniveling, worthless, pathetic, insignificant, irrelevant, and inept are just a few words I would use to describe you.

There is only one purpose on this planet for hopeless piles such as yourself and that’s to sit back whilst I abuse you till no end. It is without a doubt the ONLY positive quality you have. But before you get my silk nightie all ruined from your tears, I want you to close your eyes and listen to what you will be doing for me.

Get ready because we’re going to indulge your phone humiliation fetish. I want you to go into your closet and pick out the sluttiest pair of panties you can find. What’s really funny is it didn’t take long to decide because you already had in mind which ones they were. What a sad, sad, little whore.

That’s a good bitch. Now crawl up to Mistress’ feet and I want you to listen very carefully to what I am going to have you do for me, slut. If you don’t do exactly what I say, I will blindfold and gag your skanky ass, then drive up to the nearest truck stop and leave you in a bathroom stall. Although you think you might enjoy it, trust me you won’t.

Erotic Humiliation and Servitude Go Hand-in-Hand…

Once I sit down in my chair and slide my heels off, you will clean them with your tongue. You didn’t think I’d let you slip a kiss in while my shoes were still on my feet, did you? Do you honestly think you have earned such a privilege?

I don’t know. You could have promise. We’ll see, but the fun is just beginning. Excuse me while I get the door. I can hear you whimpering as I exit the bedroom and try so hard not to die from laughing. Damn you really are pathetic. You hear a male voice and start to sweat. It makes me smile how nervous you get.

Don’t worry. He’s here for me, but first, what will you do to prove you can serve this Mistress? I’m waiting…..

Listen to Ms Alexis


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