Violet Coy SmileIssuing the Challenge: Extreme Edging

You have likely tried edging at some time.  But I challenge you to endure the extreme edging that I dish out.  I am not talking about taking you to the edge a few times as a form of tease, before finishing you off with a release.  You still may have a release, if that is your pleasure.  But what I am offering is something quite beyond the typical experience.

Are You Up for It?

Maybe you have made it through a good number of guided masturbation-edging sessions.  You are feeling a tad bit smug on the whole subject.  But it is possible that you get the idea that I will take all of that to a whole new level.

You will need a lot of lube, strong hands, and the ability to slam on your sexual brakes when I say so.  *laughing*  Now you are seeing that this is not going to be easy.  But it will be tremendously exciting and a whole lot of fun.

Rising to the Occasion

Call me hard, or call me soft.  Either way, you will be put to the test, guided to the edge, and riding that edge…over and over again.

Listen to Ms Violet

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