Hello to all my little humiliation  sluts out there! I’m sure you guys already know what happens when a woman like me sees that little thing you’ve got down there between your legs, don’t you? Figuring out isn’t rocket science, after all. So since you already know the chain of events, then I’ve got a little CFNM assignment for you. Do you think you’re “up” to it?

Put Yourself In My Shoes

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go stand in front of the largest mirror in your house (preferably a full-length one) and take all your clothes off. Don’t just tear them all off quickly and toss them in the corner. Remove them piece by piece and take a few minutes to look closely at each part of your body that you’ve revealed. As you do this, put yourself in my shoes. Think of what your ebony Goddess would be thinking, saying, and doing as you strip like this.

What Would Mistress Say?

Do this with every piece of clothing, every body part, until you reach your underwear. Watch yourself as you remove that last bit of cloth hiding your nakedness. Look at your now-hard cock in the mirror and ask yourself “What would Empress Sirena say about this?” Be totally honest with yourself when you answer that question. Your cheeks should be burning with embarrassment by this time. Stroke your cock a few times and watch yourself in the mirror. Think about what I’d say to that as well, but don’t cum. You’ll need my permission for that, and I want to see if what you think I’d say to you and what I’ll actually say during a nice CFNM humiliation session are the same!

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