Stuck with a Stunted Stiffy? Ms Lilly Wants YOU!

…To Participate in the Octoberfest Pint-Sized Penis Game

You didn’t honestly think that puny little package could satisfy a woman’s desire for anything but comedic relief, did you? You already know that ridiculous little short shaft was made to be mocked. You’re used to being laughed at for having a tiny dick. In fact….you’ve started to crave it.

You Adore Small Penis Humiliation

Having a Humiliatrix giggle and laugh as she points out that you’re hung like a Ken Doll sends an erotic thrill down your spine. When you feel each scathing word bite into your mind like the lash of a whip, your itty bitty pencil prick stands at full attention. When she verbally flays you for your pathetic and useless little dick, your candy-sized cock wants to cum.

It’s Time to Embrace Your Shortcomings

You’ve already accepted the fact that you’re stuck with a stunted stifffie….why not take advantage of it? In fact….why not seize the opportunity to be rewarded for it? Now through October 20th, I’m calling all cocks big and small to my blog to dare to bare their measurements. I’m searching for two very different pint-Sized Cocks in honor of Octoberfest: the tiniest, most insignificant hide and seek hammer, and the cock who’s dimensions closest match an actual pint glass I have at home. All entries MUST be received by October 20th 11:59pm EST. For full details & to enter for your chance to win, visit the original post here. Winners get their choice of prizes:

  • a free 2 minute teaser audio
  • a blog post on the topic of your choice
  • or a song of your choosing during my cock radio show with a dedication if you like.

Winners will be announced on the 21st, and emailed with either their audio prize, date of blog publication, or a request to know what song to play during my cock radio show. In the meantime, feel free to give me a call & I’ll happily tease that tiny tinkertoy to my heart’s content. You’ve already won the crap shoot genetic lottery by getting the short end of the stick (in fact, hardly any stick at all)—isn’t it about time you won a fun prize?

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