You need to tell me exactly how and why you are so fucking pathetic! All the while I will be laughing at you. Totally in agreement in why you are so lame! I bet most of the women in your life do the same, now don’t they?  You can’t possibly think any woman, let alone a hot one, would let you come near her with that “thing”.  I have a feeling it is either hard to find or just plain repulsive!

Not Just For My Entertainment

Oh no!! I would have to have my girlfriends there to enjoy your humiliation! Can you just imagine?? A room full of hot women all there to point, laugh, and join in the fun at your expense. Making you strip down to nothing to show them just how pathetic you are! Making you jerk that hilarious excuse for a penis while surrounded by all of us. Laughing so hard, that tears are running down our faces. Calling you names and pointing! Think you could even keep it up? HAHAHA..doubt it.

We Wouldn’t Stop There

You know how it goes. Usually when there is a confession, that is followed up by a punishment. Depending on your confession, we will apply a fitting punishment. So whether you are a chronic masturbating pervert, little dick loser, or whatever the case may be. You can be rest assured that the punishment will fit the loser! Will we spank your bum to a beautiful rosy red? Or will we make you take a harsher punishment?? Oh how that gets me more than excited to think about!  So come on loser! Confess to me now so we can get to your punishment – my favorite part.

Kisses and Spanks,

Mistress Kaylee

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