Alexis soft and sensualYou’ve worked hard all week haven’t you? I know what your routine is like. You go to work, give it your all for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours and then you rush home for some much needed relaxation. That usually includes stripping down, cranking up your favorite type of porn and whacking off until your cock goes limp.

Most of the time there’s a sexy woman on the screen, all decked out in her hottest, curve-hugging lingerie. Cap it off with a pair of high heels and she’s all set to twist your horny ass up in knots. Throw in some impact play with a paddle and a bare ass and you’ve got hours of fuel for your personal jizz production factory.

Sometimes watching porn just isn’t enough…

That sort of activity usually hits the spot, but every once in awhile you find yourself craving a little jolt. You desire something out of the ordinary to rattle your chain. These are the moments when you’re out at a place like the local shopping mall. You planned to go straight to the electronics store, you swear it! However, you decided to take the department store entrance which just happens to be fronted by ladies wear.

You find yourself surrounded by temptation…

It’s not your fault you couldn’t resist. All those rows and rows of colorful silks and laces. All of those bra cups so empty, yet so seemingly full with the way they slope and curve around countless sets of invisible tits.

No one could blame you for reaching out except me, the saleswoman who has been watching your every move since you decided to go perving your way around my department. I’ve been watching squeezing and groping. Even the poor mannequins haven’t been safe from your grasp, but I have my own way of dealing with you.

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