Ms Nadia Wants to Laugh At You

Oh autumn! The changing colors, the crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carving and haunted houses. (check out the links for a sexy spin take on those last two)  Annnnnnnd the start of cold and flu season.

I refuse to get sick this year. So I’m taking action! I’m taking my multivitamin with a glass of OJ every day but I still feel like I can do something more to boost my immune system, and luckily there is! Laughter. In this case it’s the best preventive medicine. Research has shown that laughter increases levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) source: . IgA is one of the good guy bacteria that fights against infection in the respiratory system. SO long story short – if I get enough giggles in, it will be a major FUCK YOU to Mr. Rhinovirus and Ms. Influenza.

Femdom Humiliation For The Win

Of course my very most favorite way to get my daily dose of laughter is by having a little humiliation slut to play with. I can’t help but chuckle when you strip down. You’re exposed and vulnerable, and I’m still full clothed, scrutinizing that disgusting body of yours. I love looking you over from head to toe and calling out every imperfection I see. All while you worship my feet and thank me for each painful truth. Then I see that pathetic excuse for a cock you have – and the rolling on the floor laughter really starts!

Oh yes, it is with a Cheshire Cat smile and a lot of laughter I remind you of what a fucking loser you are while I laugh at you!

Who would have thunk that being a humilatrix would be good for your health?

Thanks science!

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