You Need to be Humiliated

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Masturbation Mistress Delia

It’s really the only way to change your ways. You know you need to be humiliated, because you’ve been a disappointment to women your entire life. A small penised wimp. A minute man who shoots his load as soon as his cock is inside of her. They’ve all told you it’s okay. “No, it’s really not that small.” “You must have been really excited to cum that fast!” They’ve all lied to you. Have any of them ever called you again? No, they haven’t. Well, Ms. Delia won’t lie to you. Right now, you’re useless. Once you complete my seven labours though, you might actually be a slave I can allow into my dungeon.

Take a Letter

That’s right, before we engage in anything else, you’re going to write a letter. It’s to start with these four sentences:

In the past, I have disappointed and displeased womankind through negligence, ignorance and selfishness. In the present, I am now contrite and eager to change. I will abandon my male ego and be attentive to their needs. In the future, I will become a secret servant to women, pleasing them however possible in and out of the bedroom.

Now, you can get naked. You will always be naked before me, exposed and vulnerable. Gaze upon my pictures and start stroking that pathetic piece of meat between your legs. Before you even start begging, no, you are not going to be allowed to cum! Part of pleasing me, and the rest of the female race, is doing things that make me happy – and it makes me very happy to deny you!

Denial Also Increases Endurance

By holding off that orgasm, you’re also going to learn endurance. No woman likes to be left hanging, and you should always be striving to make them cum first – and often! Your lack of cock control is one of the most disappointing parts of you – second only to your lack of a big, thick cock. I can’t make that cock any bigger, but I can deny you! And I will. While you’re stroking, use your other hand to grab those balls and squeeze! Then, I want you to imagine that you’ve detached them from your body, and put them next to my picture. Why? Because you aren’t worthy of them! I own them now, and I’ll give them back to you when I feel you’ve earned them.

The Letter

After you’ve edged yourself 20 times, or stroked for 30 minutes, whichever takes longer, you can finish that letter. It will not contain foul or offensive language, or be pornographic. In it, make sure you tell me how you’ve disappointed women in the past, and how you truly desire to change and become my perfect slut! Then email it to me at Delia (at) EnchantrixEmpire (dot) com.

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