It amuses me when I’m milking you…

Give Up Control of Your Cock

You need and crave cock control. You want a sexy Mistress like me, Ms. Christine, to take control of it, to tell you when and how to stroke. I find that the biggest part of cock control, the thing that really gets me off, is controlling your orgasms. Edging you. Denying you. And letting you know I’ve got that ultimate control.

It’s humiliating, isn’t it?

Knowing that you can’t orgasm until I give you explicit permission. It’s even more humiliating knowing that I can make it happen whenever I want…and as many times as I want. Oh, I’ll tell you not to cum, but you really can’t help yourself. Even if I tell you to hold back, I know just the right buttons to push, just the right strokes to coerce that load right out of you.

Milking…The Ultimate Humiliation

And if I tell you you’re going to be milked dry? Well, make no mistake, you will cum until those balls are empty. I think milking you is the ultimate humiliation. Whether I do it by stroking that cock endlessly – cock milking – or I slide one of my fingers inside your tight ass, and massage that prostate while I milk your balls. I’ll laugh while that jizz just drips out of you, telling you how you have no control, how disappointed in you I am.

And to top it off? I’ll collect all that spunk and feed it right back to you. I have to get you topped off for your next milking!Listen to Ms Christine

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