I like to make them wait, always craving me and using their pent up sexual energy to further guide them into being perfect puppets for me. Anticipation makes everything sweeter.

He was alone in a glorious room anticipating the door swinging open, crisp hardwood floors and lavish drapes and props completed the setting and sealed the mood for his humiliation domination. Naked, bound and blindfolded by my fair-skinned gothic house slave girl earlier, he was helpless. I had instructed her to spray some of my perfume he has been so accustomed to smelling all over the St. Andrew’s Cross to which he was strapped. Helpless yet willing, fearing yet yearning and hopelessly addicted to all things Morgan, he waited like a good pet.

Anticipation Arousal While Bound

He hears a slight creak in the door and his rush intensifies. “Click, click, click” as my heels traverse the polished floor and I circle an ever so willing prey, leash in hand as my female slave is on all fours beside me. My tongue ever so lightly grazes his ear as I whisper perversions only meant for depraved souls and wanton revelers in my world of humiliation sluts.

He amuses me by just being here, male parts so inconsequential that no matter how many times I see them my penchant for degrading him is always heightened as I remind him of his shame and the small penis humiliation I so readily dole out.

My crop hefts his full balls, ones that I keep that way until he has proven his worthiness. They are swollen as my assistant binds them with black surgical rubber tubing, stretching and splitting his “slut nuts” apart. I tell him if he hardens he will be whipped, as her tiny soft hands manipulates his cock and ball restraints and sets the stage for his future male chastity training.

She teases him, rubs her firm body against his, then leaves the room like a fleeting cool breeze in this hot room of torment.

Small Penis Humiliation

He is mine now, owned and soon to be my full-time plaything. His embarrassment upon hardening spells trouble as he very well knows, exhibiting a dreadful erection that could never satisfy a women as its protrusion is barely noticeable. I break out in my usual laughter, music to the ambiance of this room, and its atmospheric perversions. “Is this all you bring me?” I ask teasingly as I brush my perfect goddess body against his as he relishes in his restraints that are far more than merely physical.

His little dicklet is the subject of countless conversations with my girlfriends, some of whom envy the work I do, as we laugh and think of degrading tasks that I will make him perform just to be allowed to even grace my presence and to see me and pay me for my time.

Ready for a Real Goddess?

This particular subject is one of my favorite pets because he is so willing and eager to endure my femdom humiliation and understands that in pleasing me his life has purpose. He is obedient, compliant, and generous with me. What more can a Goddess ask for? Plenty in fact, and if you want to find out be prepared to serve me in the manner I am accustomed to, and with the utmost respect. I am accepting a few more willing souls to surrender all to me. Address me as Mistress, Goddess or Princess when calling or contacting me and I will assure you that the places I take you will be forever etched into the hollows of your mind. Until then, pets, behave, and enjoy the anticipation!

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