Ms Lydia, Size QueenA Special Message For You and Your Small Penis

Today, I’m going to share a very important piece of information with you. You’re going to get an honest, definitive answer to that age old question, “Does size matter?”

It’s really hilarious that you’re even still wondering. Do all of you little dicked losers seriously think you can please me with anything less than seven inches? Seven inches is being pretty generous, because I prefer my lovers be eight inches. But hey, I do have high standards. You shouldn’t let that bother you. We both know your little nubbin penis could never come close to meeting my standards, anyway!

Size DOES Matter! 

I told you I would be honest. I’m a self-confessed Size Queen, and shrimp dicks could never give my pussy what it needs. You’re in luck though, because I’m going to let you in on a few ways you can give my pussy the pleasure I deserve.

If You Have an Unworthy Dick, There are Other Ways You Can Please Me

Are you a good oral servant? If you can prove your pussy licking skills are up to my standards, you can be my throne. Don’t get cocky just because you’re getting the honor of tasting my pussy! Remember, it’s all about pleasuring Mistress. The only pleasure you get is making sure Mistress’ pussy gets what it wants.

Other Ways You Will Please My Pussy

Since your little dicklet alone could never please me, you need to make sure my pussy is well taken care of. If I decide my pussy needs to be filled by some BBC, you will be my fluffer. If you’re well behaved and promise to be a good clean up boy, I’ll treat you to a creampie after my superior lover fills up my pussy. Then, my pussy will be satisfied and your pindick will be hard and denied – and that’s exactly how it should be!

You Don’t Deserve Pleasure

You need to give up the dream. That dicklet will never be good enough to please a woman, so why should it be graced with a beautiful juicy pussy? Pussies are exquisite creations that deserve only the best of the best. It doesn’t work that way for your disgusting little penis!

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