Ms ScarletMy, my, little sissy maid, you have been a very naughty girl, haven’t you? I think my sissy maid needs to be taught a lesson and Mistress knows just how to teach it. You didn’t think I’d notice that you put the Egyptian cotton fitted sheet on my bed – inside out?! Thought you’d get away with it, did you? Oh no, I am going to teach you how important it is to pay attention to details when it comes to the care of my home. You need to pay attention to the tiniest of details! Now, put on your pretty sissy maid outfit so I can begin your lesson.

Oh now look at you! At least you know how to put your uniform on all by yourself! Mmmmm, that pretty black latex dress with the white petticoat. The latex white ruffles poking out of the top of your tiny little bra. Black thigh high stockings and your shiny maryjanes! You are the perfect sissy maid, if only you’d stop messing up all the time! I do have something new for your outfit though, slip your little panties down and let Mistress see your little clitty. Oh my goodness, isn’t it small! Just how I like it! Mistress has a pretty red ribbon to tie right around that pretty clitty of yours. Nice and tight.

Follow me to the master bathroom. I’ve made you a bucket of bleachy water and next to it is a toothbrush. You are to clean every inch of grout in this entire bathroom. Every inch! I’m going out on a lunch date and I will be inspecting when I get home and you’d better  hope I’m pleased, or else! By the way, watch as I tie your little red ribbon attached to your clitty all the way to the cold water faucet on the sink! You’ll only have a small bit of wiggle room to get the job done. Now, get on your knees and start scrubbing!

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