Time’s up, I’m done being Nice, time for your strapon humiliation

I have been patient with you for the past 6 months and I refuse to loose another dime!  It intrigues me that you prance around my office as if you’re the cream of the crop!  Do you remember the first conversation that we had? Yes, the conversation about having to face the consequences if you don’t perform in a prosperous manner?  Come in my office, close the door and start to undress.  Strapon Humiliation has such a rippling effect, get ready to be my little fucking hole!

Prop Up Position

Being a Mean lady comes quite natural to me, too bad for you.  When I turn around from locking my door I want you standing in front of my desk, spread eagle!  I want to see your little dick hanging and swaying in the wind. Make sure you arch your back like a good submissive; I need to see your ass up in the air, use your expensive briefcase to wedge under your pathetic mass of a body if need be.   Plugging you will be my first treat!

Payback is a Bitch

I see your mouth looks a little lonely; I also can’t stand t0 hear you begging for mercy.    Reach over my desk and open the center drawer. Yes, pass me my strap!  It’s obvious you suck at your job; let’s see if you can redeem yourself by a good old-fashioned cock-sucking!  Feeling a little vulnerable?  Good, perhaps you will learn what it feels like to be taken advantage of.  I hope you’ve cancelled all your other appointments for the day, looks like your going to be very busy my little Broker Bitch!

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