Listen to Ms LillyCan you honestly blame me? Haven’t you heard the sniggering in locker rooms, listened to the horrified, then helpless giggling of your girlfriend when you pulled down your pants and she saw your itty-bitty button dick in all it’s micro-mini glory for the very first time?

Let’s face it: some men are born to be worshiped; and some are born to be laughed at

You know *exactly* which type of man you are. You know that your puny pathetic package isn’t enough to satisfy a woman. You’ve probably been asked “Is it in yet?” or “Can’t you go any deeper?” more times than you could count. If she feels it at all, it’s like being fucked with a feather. The only person who derives any pleasure from it’s use it you–and that’s only because it’s attached. The rest of us get our kicks by pointing and laughing at that tiny tool tinkertoy.

When it comes to endowments; you got the short end of the stick

–In fact; you didn’t get a stick at all. Just a teeny tiny inchworm that loves to be petted. An adorable candy-sized cock…and maybe if you dipped it in chocolate and told your girlfriend it was a bite-sized Milky Way, she might actually pay it some attention.  You’re just a sad little short shaft stuck with a dinky dong that’ll never grow up. I know chicks with clits bigger than your dick.

Which is why you love small penis humiliation

You’ve embraced the fact that you’re hung like a tic tac; that you’re nothing more than a tiny tool tinkerbell. You enjoy having your itty-bitty shrimpy exposed for the useless little nub that it is; the delicious pain of being verbally flayed by a Humilatrix for possessing a pathetic puny pecker is enough to make you cum. After all–when I’m insulting it, laughing at it, at least I’m acknowledging that it exists—even if I need bright light, a magnifying glass, and two hands to find it. Listen as Mistress Lilly laughs at Little Dick Losers.

Listen to Ms Lilly

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