Worship My body all night!The small penis is wonderful…

Well, they really aren’t except for one little thing. The small penis is fantastic for comedy relief. I know every time I look at one I have an incredibly good time. You see, understanding that you were put on this earth to please a woman means letting go of one’s ego. Men with large cocks typically have huge egos. For a Fem Dom, a large male ego just doesn’t work for Me. A man with a small penis disability is going to work harder on other parts of his body.

Having a small penis is a Real Disability!

It should really be a tax write off in my opinion. Men should be able to send in a certified measurement to the IRS in order to get a a tax deduction. I don’t know why the IRS doesn’t see it as a write off as significant as being blind or any other major problem. You see, if you have the small penis disability, you will have to work harder to get laid. You will have to work on your mind more as what is between your legs is obviously not significant. You will have to read various books to learn techniques men that are endowed never would have to do. Men with a small penis disability have to have the large house and expensive cars. So I hope this document has turned on the light so to speak. I hope as you read this, you understand more of your nature and your placement in this society. Work on your mind and you will overcome your disability in the bedroom. As any woman will tell you, if you can’t satisfy her in the bedroom, then you better be supporting her luxurious lifestyle.

Every women is a Goddess. I just demand it out of the men that serve Me!

Give into your Darkness


Demon Mistress Simone

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