Loser, asshat, cumface, piggy, pathetic, useless Pansy Petunia. That’s your new name, but I could go on and on while you pay me to do it.  My point is if these words turn you on when being said by a beautiful and confident Goddess, you just might be a humiliation addict, and just my type. Men are gross, and I do love me some bacon.

You’re a Humiliation Addict!

As a humiliation Domina, I hear the same begging, sweet, tearful pleas over and over again.  Please Miss what can I do to amuse you?  It really just makes you seem more pathetic. Put your ugly face in a box for starters… I can find your worthless dick on my own. LOL!

Well today I want you to degrade yourself by eating your own cum.  I really cannot see anything more humiliating than that. After all it’s disgusting when it comes out of you. When is the last time a girl did that for you. Ewww. Your life is over.

I get so many reactions to this demand.  Some are excited and eager to do so.  Others are scared and need total coercing so they do not back out. Well you are not backing out today, cum slut.  Yes, I am talking to you and know you so well. I have a special way to get all that pre-cum out of your skinny minny and into your drooling mouth. Get your dildo ready and call me, fuck toy. I’ll make you ooze a load with a finger up your ass and never, ever orgasm. I own you bitch.

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