Some people seem to think I am pretty mean to guys with a little dick.

Personally, I consider Myself to be just flat kinky with a dark sense of humor. Perhaps you can tell Me what you think when I tell you the things that really turn Me on. I especially enjoy shopping for masks. I love all sorts of masks from the batman mask to my favorite movie stars when I can find them. Obviously, the mask is never for Me. No indeed, the mask is for a man that is inadequate in bed. If you’ve got a little dick, you get to wear a mask!

I prefer a large cock!

Well, what woman would not require this out of her lover? If a man cannot please you in bed, they are pretty much a friend right? Well, I suppose I’ve made adjustments to this rule by getting guys with small cocks to wear a mask in bed. I can do this for a few months before I get bored with the mask and go back to needing a larger cock in bed. Really, who ever said size does not matter has never had incredible sex. 🙂 I, however, have had multiple orgasmic sex so good that I practically forgot My name, (let alone his) You really can only have sex like that with a large, not a tiny cock.

This leads to the male strap-on.

What a fantastic creation. Look it up and you will understand. It’s a strap-on made to fit a male. (Honestly, I had My small dicked lovers wear a feminine strap-on before I knew about the male version.) I find it quite titillating though to go shopping with My small dicked male for a strap-on for them to use on ME. It is especially a turn-on for Me when I can get a salesperson to help.

Are you ready to please your mate with a fake cock?

Can you hear Me laughing, because I am while I look at your pathetic penis. It’s just such a little dick!

Even with a strap-on and a mask, you should know the truth. I’m going to go out and have sex with real MEN! (insert tears here)

I’ll be torturing you soon!


(Give in to your Darkness…)

Demon Mistress Simone

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