Ms RyanHello, boys and girls. Well, I suppose I should really say “boys and sissies,” since none of you are going to be passing for females anytime soon. I’m sure you little sissy sluts have simply been dying for another blog about yourselves, so here you go. You will, of course, remember to be properly thankful and to show me your gratitude in a way that I will find pleasing.

As some of you may already know, I have recently moved south. My new house is absolutely lovely, and I already have an area set up to serve as a parlor of sorts for when I hope to entertain or when I feel a sissy maid needs to learn something new about domestic service. I’m certainly looking forward to using it.

I’m even thinking of being generous and allowing one of you sissy sluts to be in the room with me the first time I try it out. Perhaps a tea party type of thing would be nice, although in this house, it would have to be more of a coffee party. You can dress in your little sissy maid get-up and serve coffee to my guests and I. As we enjoy our coffee and conversation, you can stand in the corner and wait to be of more service to us. We might just ignore you completely. On the other hand, we might decide to have a little fun with you by calling you over, lifting your skirt, popping the waistband of your panties, giving you a good smack to the arse and so forth.

You see, the important thing about sissy humiliation is that it be done on my terms, not yours. The sooner you learn that, the better off you will be in my service.

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