MS LydiaYour Humiliation is My Pleasure

Hello there, humiliation sluts! It’s time for my favorite thing in the world: tormenting your penis!

You might not know this about me, but I love to make you squirm. When you feel like your cheeks are on fire and your insides are burning with shame, that’s when I get excited. Yes, that kind of excited. It makes my pussy warm just to think about you naked and quivering, begging for mercy.

Your Small Penis is Otherwise Worthless

It’s obvious that you’re never going to be able to please a woman like me with that sad excuse for a penis. The only way you would be capable of giving me any pleasure is to offer yourself up as my humiliation slut. I know it makes that disgusting little jellybean dick stiff when you show it to me and I laugh my fine ass off.

My evil laughter and ruthless verbal abuse will be the only pleasure that sad little penis ever feels… besides your two fingers tugging at it. We both know that no woman is ever going touch that gross little thing, anyway.

Can You Handle Hardcore Humiliation?

Oh, and how I do LOVE telling you how pathetic it is! The more you whimper and plead, the more excited I get. It’s such a rush verbally berating you and letting you know just how fucking pathetic you really are.

You had better be prepared, because I will NOT hold back. Remember, humiliation phone sex is all about pleasing your Mistress; no matter how much you beg me to have mercy on your disgusting little dicklet, it’s not going to happen. That pindick exists purely for me to unleash my wrath upon it.

Are you brave enough to get on cam and expose your tiny dick to me? I expect you to drop trou and proclaim to me, “Mistress, here is my tiny penis. It’s here for your amusement.”

If you’re ready, I’m waiting.

Let Us Have Fun Tormenting Your Penis

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