I simply love to humiliate a man! There are endless ways, but I do have a few favorite ways that always get me excited, wet, and horny. If you’re lucky, maybe I will humiliate you one of these ways!

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5. I will deny you an orgasm! I know you are so proud of how often you cum and how far you can shoot. It is those bragging rights I will strip away from you! Ruining that orgasm, or denying you simply reminds you just who is in charge… Oh that is Me! Orgasm denial humiliates you into remembering that Mistress is the one, not you, who owns that pathetic cock.

4. I will spank you soundly. A good, sound spanking reddens those cheeks, and you KNOW how I hate pasty white skin! When I pull you over my knee, perhaps putting a pair of panties on you to show you just WHO wears the pants (Me!) and who wears the panties (you, lol) I will laugh at how red those cheeks on your face get! Come here for your spanking. My hair brush awaits!

3. I will train you to crave cocksucking and cum! Think of how we watched cock sucking porn together, and how I had you suck your finger one time as I told you my cock sucking fantasy in your ear? Remember how I was SO excited by how well you sucked cock that I was dripping wet? That had such an effect on you that of course you tried to impress Mistress by sucking a dildo. That’s when the craving for more will hit you!! Maybe then you will realize that I had been training you to suck cock all this time, and it will be too late to turn back, because you WILL be craving it!

2. I will turn you into a Cuckold. Of all the wicked things I do, one of my favorites is reducing you to the weak, unsatisfying man you are, and introducing you to the idea of a much more superior man than you ever could hope to be. I love how you whimper as you watch as he is sexually pleasured by me or by your wife, and you are reduced to absolutely nothing but a clean up bitch!

1. I will make you beg me! This is a favorite, and remember, my blog’s name is beg for mistress! I love to make you beg, especially for what you don’t want. Beg me to let you stroke and ruin that orgasm. Beg me to swallow that load of cum. Beg me to allow you to dress in those panties. Beg me for everything you crave, and humble yourself before me!

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