Humiliation Bootcamp has Officially Begun for You

Ms CooperGet naked and stand at attention! 

Look at you, with your little dick wagging, why is your face red, are you ashamed of what I see?   Well you should be you pathetic little loser.  Just exactly what is it you have to offer a woman? Well I know, not a damn thing!

Now get on your knees and begin to worship my feet, and don’t miss a spot or you will be punished.  I get great pleasure from giving punishment to a little dicked loser like you, and it doesn’t take much for me to hand it out either.  So may I suggest that you stay on your best behavior for me at all times.

Now look up at me, why are you shaking? 

I won’t hurt you, well maybe your feelings a little bit, but I’m sure that you’re used to that. I bet that you have been on your knees lots of times, begging and groveling for a woman.  Trust me, this won’t be the last time either! I’m sure that you have some redeeming qualities, but they must be hidden real deep.  So tell me how long have you been a little loser slut? Are you new at this, because it doesn’t look like your “first day at the rodeo”.  I know you enjoy the humiliation that I dish out, and I also know that you will do anything I tell you to do!  You’re so weak, and that’s just the way I want you to be.  Weak and on your knees ready to serve me in anyway that I see fit.  You know, you look pretty pathetic down there looking up at me for approval.

What are the consequences of your bad behavior?

Now spank your worthless balls ten times for me, and then stroke your little dick ten times.  Seeing you do that makes me laugh and want to do more humiliating things with you.  Now slip into this pink dog collar and leash, ahh there we go, that’s what I was missing.  Leading you around and pulling on the leash is just what I need to show you just how pathetic you truly are.  So many ways to humiliate you, so little time!   Well you better make the time for me, and you better obey me and carry out my commands.  Do you really want to suffer the consequences of bad behavior?…….I think not, enjoy the rest of humiliation bootcamp, it will not be an easy time for you but you will most definitely be humiliated to the max!!

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