I’ll bet you try not to show it off too often. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you, Tom Thumb?

Why did you just cut your eyes down to your crotch? Does the, um, shoe fit? Have you got a truly diminutive dick down there, shorty?

Tell you what. I’m going to sink down on my knees in front of you, slide my hand up your khaki-clad thigh while I stare deep into your eyes and lick my lips. I’ll unfasten your belt, unbutton your pants, slide that zipper down ever. so. slowly.

Why do you have a pained expression on your face? You don’t want me to reach inside and whip your big dick out? Why not? Awww, c’mon. Let’s have a look-see.

Oh. That’s why. Well, it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s little, but it reminds me of the Ken doll I played with back in the day. It’s. . . cute.

It’s okay. There are lots of things a small penis can do! Let’s see, we can:

  • Put it in panties without any unsightly bulge. You’re not a panty boy? That’s okay, because you will be when I get done with you. It’s common for a shrimp dick loser to also be a panty wearing submissive.
  • Put it on display. No I’m serious. So many of us hot women have never seen a tiny dinkus like yours because most men rocking a nubbin that size don’t have the nerve to drop their drawers. Once we see the cautionary tale that is your Tiny Tim, we’ll know definitively that size does matter!
  • Tease it. You may think this is no fun for you, and frankly you might be right, but teasing a small cock is loads (no pun intended) of fun for us! Most girls have no idea how hard a little niblet gets when they laugh at it. I mean, your cheeks are red, but your teenie peenie is standing and saluting “yes ma’am!”

Bottom line? You and I both know the last thing you’re going to do is stick that thing in a warm tight pussy.

I mean, no pussy is tight enough to hold that thing in! Once that pussy got even a tiny bit slick you’d be slip sliding all over the place like an out of control minibike on an icy road. Nobody wants to deal with that!

A resourceful man like you must have learned how to deal with his, er, shortcomings and make the most of them, right? Don’t worry, I’m all too happy to help you re-purpose that tiny cock .


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