Are you Ms Cooper's pathetic loser?Well I just love pathetic little losers like you, so fun to play with and tease.  Get on your knees and look up at me you worthless worm.  You are so weak, and I can and will do whatever I want to you and with you. Get on your knees and beg and grovel for me…  ha ha ha.  Look at you, so broken and crushed from my words.  Well get use to it because on your knees is where you will always be for me.

I will have my sexy girlfriends over and show off my little pet. You will be wearing a collar and a leash and nothing else.  Look at you with that little dick of yours just hanging down, so worthless and unwanted by any woman.  I wouldn’t waste my time or energy on a man with a cock like that and I’m quite sure that you have never and will never satisfy a women with it.  Actually I don’t see any redeeming qualities in you except being a source of laughter for me, ha ha ha.  I will have you barking like a dog, drinking out of a dog bowl on the floor and anything else that I want you to do.  You will belong to me and your fate is in my mind and hands, what a scary place for you to be.

You’ll just never know how I will decide to humiliate you, but be sure of one thing, it will be severe.  Your humiliation is my pleasure and you will please me, I will make sure of that. And of course you know I don’t give a damn about your pleasure.

It is all about me and how I can humiliate you and make you do  things that you have never done and that you do not want to do. I will push your limits and test your boundaries all to make me laugh.  So are you ready to join the bootcamp of humiliation? Or are you too weak and pathetic? Either way you are a broken little troll with nothing to offer me or my hot friends except the enjoyment of laughing at you and teasing you.  Oh, look at you…are you crying?……well good I guess my work here is done yet again.

Ms Cooper

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