Yes. I know you want me. You’re simply not worthy of me. It amazes me how many men are pathetic, not worthy and deserve humiliation. It makes me laugh when a man who is so inferior to me tries to get my interest. I feel it is my duty in this life to humiliate you. I enjoy it. I find pleasure in finding out what makes you pathetic and pouring the salt of my humiliation into the wounds of your unworthiness.

That is why Humiliation phone sex is so gratifying to me. So many of you call me needing to hear my laughter and the hard truth that you are simply not worthy of anything except humiliation. Many of you have such inadequate little dicks and crave small dick humiliation from a beautiful Goddess who is worthy to hand it down to you. No worries little man. I am here for you to give you the humiliation you desire and deserve.

There are so many reasons a man needs humiliation. You may have a small dick or be a cock sucking sissy and you want to be punished and humiliated for being so slutty. Of course, you could be a slave who needs to experience CFNM humiliation. Maybe you are still a virgin and can’t get a woman to even look at you. Maybe you are a straight man who secretly wants cock and I am the only one you can tell. I warn you though…tell me your secrets at your own risk. I will use your secrets of unworthiness whatever they may be to my advantage. I constantly will humiliate you and remind you of this one simple truth.

You’re simply not worthy~

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