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We’ve already established that this Experienced Mistress can’t do traditional cock control techniques with you because you’re simply too small! When you have a small penis, I look for other things to do with you. Like send you sex toy shopping.

Sex Toy Shopping Humiliation Assignment

Remember the previous humiliation assignment when I sent you into the Adult bookstore to get a realistic looking 9 inch dildo and a rubber pussy? Do you have those sex toys there? Good!

Today’s Erotic Humiliation Assignment

Now, while you’re looking at those two items, I want you to take off your clothes in front of a mirror. Look down. Yes, silly, look down in the region where your penis would be if you actually had a cock! ~laughs~ Awwwwwww.

Now, pick up the dildo you bought. Hold it right next to your penis. Awwww. Look, you are so small! Nine inches is not even the biggest cock and it’s HUGE compared to you!

Now, pick up the rubber pussy. Lube up the inside of that rubber pussy and stick the tip of your little dick inside. Oh, you only have a TIP of a dicklet! Awwwww. Rotate the rubber pussy to feel the friction. I say rotate because you’re not big enough to stroke. ~grinz~ Yes, I know these things.

Now, take your pathetic pud out of the rubber pussy.

Hold the rubber pussy in one hand and the nice big dildo in the other hand. Hold your hands up so you can really SEE the action. Begin to push the dildo inside the rubber pussy. Watch that dildo go in….this is what real men get to do….since you’re not a real man with a real man’s cock, you can watch but not participate.

Now, the rest of the assignment will take a bit longer but I promise you, each time you do your homework, you will be mortified about what you’re doing and why. Click the free humiliation audio to get a hint of what you’ll be doing for Mistress.

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