Princess Andi Gives You A Choice

That’s right my little stroker. Princess Andi is going to let you choose how I humiliate you today. I’m feeling charitable right now, but once you strip out of those clothes, I’m sure the Humiliatrix in me will come out to play. Go ahead, get naked for me. I knew it! You don’t even get to choose this one. How can I not just go on and on about what a small cock you have!

Which Humiliation Will It Be?

Oh, do you want to get dressed up for me? Would you like to put that sissy clit inside of a nice pair of pink, lacy panties? I can just sit here giggling while you prance around like the sissy bitch you are. Watching you try to walk in those stiletto heels just amuses me so much. It’s good to amuse your Princess, to be a little court jester for me.

Not a Sissy?

Maybe you’d just like to kneel on the floor, while I sit here in my chair and play with my pussy – the one you will never get. I could tell you how much I love to let my lovers slide their big hard throbbing cocks inside of me, but with you, even my fingers sliding in and out would give me more pleasure than that tiny little penis you have dangling between your legs. Oh, it seemed to get just a tiny bit bigger when I mentioned the big hard cocks I prefer. Is that you’re secret shame? Do you want to be my little cuckold. Well, I have many lovers willing to oblige. Just tell me that’s how you want to be humiliated. Go ahead, tell me what nasty, dirty things turn you on.

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