Great For Sissies – But What About The Rest Of You?

We Phone Sex Mistresses tend to send sissies off to Frederick’s or Victoria’s Secret and make them buy all kinds of things, making sure they tell the sales clerk that everything’s for them as a humiliation assignment. What about the rest of you? If you’re not a sissy or a panty boi, that really won’t be fun humiliation, now will it? We can come up with a non-sissy humiliating shopping trip, don’t you think?

The Adult Sex Shop

This is a no brainer. We can easily come up with some humiliating things to buy at the sex shop. How about the biggest, blackest dildo you can find, some anal numbing lube, a penis pump and, since outwardly, you’re a masculine looking guy, the nastiest, raunchiest gay porn DVD you can find? What do you think is going on in the head of the sales clerk as they ring you up? Which would be more humiliating- having the dirty old man who owns the place, the bull dyke lesbian, or the really sweet, sexy looking young girl ringing you up?

The Big Box Store

Of course, that was easy. Let’s see if we can come up with something else. Now, this works really well if you have an all-in-one big box store – one that has the regular department store, a grocery and a drug store. Head over to the pharmacy and get yourself the two pack of Fleets and a party pack of condoms. Then, in the grocery, grab a pair of melons and some honey, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and string cheese. Then pick up a package of clothespins and a plunger! Want to make it more fun? Tell the cashier it’s all for a gangbang – and you’re going to be the guest of dishonor!

Much Love,

Mistress Alexandria

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