You find cum eating humiliating, but it does excite you, doesn’t it?

Do you feel humiliated?

Some of my pets don’t. They love eating cum. Their’s, someone else’s, doesn’t matter. They revel in it, let it drip through their fingers, swirl it around in their mouth, making sure they taste all of it. But you, you’re probably different. You swallow it down as quick as you can, making faces while you do.

What’s so humiliating about it?

Is it because men – real men – don’t eat cum? Well, first we should correct one thing here. You are not a real man. You’re naked and on your knees in front of me. I’ve put a collar on you and led you around the room. I’ve spanked you and probed your tight little ass with my finger. Are any of those things anything a real man would do? Well, if you’re still confused, take a look between your legs. You want to try to convince me that’s a cock? What is that – 3 ½, maybe 4 inches? And it can’t be much thicker than a soda straw. That’s a little wenis, not a cock!

So, what’s the real reason?

You’ve submitted to me, so don’t tell me it’s because women swallow and men don’t. I’m better than you, superior to you in every other way, so are you saying, except this one? Cum eating is good enough for me, but you’re too good for it? Actually, I think all you’re good for is cleaning up your mess, if – and that’s a big if – I actually let you spill it on my floor. The only cum you’re good enough to eat is the sticky cream that comes from your own pathetic penis. Maybe someday, you might be good enough to eat it from a cock – a real man’s thick, hard cock. But not yet.

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