You’re not a man anymore, and you’re not a woman either.  You’re a slut.  One objectified little slut, and you’re under my command.

Say Hello to Your New Femme Body

I have powers, my friend, and can easily turn you into a little 20-year old nympho, head to toe.  Perhaps the only way I’ll turn you back into a man is if you do as I say, and be the sluttiest little sex object you can be; imagine all the things you’ll do for me!  I could definitely have some fun taking you out to a strip club and making you do a super slutty striptease in front of an audience of giggling girls and very, very lustful men.  Men who see you as the sex object you are, horny men that get erections the moment they see your near-naked body in your sexy little stripper’s outfit.  Yes, I dressed you as a dirty cheerleader, and I have a naughty nurse get-up for your next routine.  You’re going to be on full display, dancing around in a highly provocative manner, getting the attention of every last man in the audience like a good little cocktease.  And then it’s back to the VIP room we go, because a couple of those men want a private dance….

Showing Off the Slutty New You

You may be very sweet, even a little shy, but you’ve always been eager to please and now you have the body of a busty young woman—and I’m going to dress you accordingly.  Teeny miniskirts, cleavage-baring halter tops for your perky breasts, sexy lingerie, stiletto heels— the works!  Maybe I’ll even give you a tramp stamp and a belly button ring.  Your neighbor’s husband is really going to give you a second look dressed like that.  In fact, he’s been eyeing you ever since I began your little transformation.  Little does he know what a little slut I’ve turned you into.  He’ll find out soon enough, though, as I’ve invited him and some friends over – girls and guys— for a little party tonight.  We’re going to have some fun this evening, I can tell….

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