Are you a Minute Man?

Useless Minute Men!

So, did you read my post about teasing my premature ejaculators? I’ll bet you read it, nodding your head in shame, realizing I was talking about you. Then, since you were already hanging your head in shame, you noticed you couldn’t even see that small pencil dick of yours. You got the double whammy! You’re a premature ejaculator AND you have a small cock!

That Must Just Suck!

I mean, does it even actually ever get hard before it’s shooting cum all over the place? Are you just starting to get a hard on, trying to stroke it all the way up to 3 inches when you just feel all that jizz flowing up the shaft? Well, I can’t do anything about your small cock – well, I can, I can do what everyone else does and make fun of it! – but maybe I can help you with that quick trigger. I can at least make you amusing to women for something besides the fact that you have an oversized clit. With a cock that small and that thin, no woman is actually ever going to let you fuck them – what would be the point, really, just Sexual Interruption! – but she might get some fun out of teasing and denying you.

How to Keep from Popping Your Top

You could try just clicking on one of my audios, and listening to my sexy voice tell you all the nasty things I’d do to you – without stroking or touching that pathetic dick. The thing is though, that I want you to be able to stroke without spewing spunk all over the place. So, read up on my cock brushing technique. Use a soft brush, such as your tooth brush you quarter pump chump! Let it dance lightly over your cock shaft, and keep it away from the sensitive spots. And try your hardest not to shoot your load. Use those Kegel muscles! Maybe that will keep that cum in your balls where it belongs!

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