As one of my courtesans I’ve been sending you out for a few weeks to service my friends and my business associates. The ladies have for the most part been pleased with your performance. However, I’ve been getting complaints from my male clients. The real men I mean, not pathetic excuses for a man like you. You see, they’ve told me you are not a full service cocksucker! They tell me your mouth is wonderful but when it comes time to shoot their load, you pull your mouth away! Now, that could be acceptable if you’d accept their facial or pearl necklace, but they told me you won’t even do that. Instead, you make them shoot all that tasty jizz all over THEMSELVES! Or worse yet ON THEIR FLOOR OR THEIR FURNITURE! I taught you better than that slut! Oh, you think it’s humiliating to swallow or to have a bit of cum on you? Trust me you cocksucking faggot, you’re about to find out what real humiliation is when I introduce you to coerced cum eating!

A Circle Jerk of Humiliation

You see that circle of all my male harem slaves? You’re going right in the center. And these slaves are all so happy because I told them they have the next hour to stroke or be sucked and cum as many times as they can. Do you know where all that white and sticky spunk is going? That’s right my disobedient little whore–some of it will be going down your throat and the rest will be all over you! You’ll either keep hating it or you’ll learn to love it, but you’ll never refuse a deposit of creamy cum ever again. Let me just slip this O-Ring Gag on you so we can make sure that mouth stays nice and open and able to accept whatever you’re given.

Coerced Cum Eating Slut

I’ll bet that was the longest hour of your life, wasn’t it? My harem slaves are all exhausted. I’m told you took at least ten loads into your belly. Is it nice and full now? And you must have taken double that all over your body. Look at all those streaks of dried cum and there’s still some droplets running down your cheeks – or are those tears? No, you cannot wash up. You’re going to spend the rest of the day parading through my home so everyone will see what a cum slut you really are.

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