How to humiliate a man that thinks he can have anything.

A well dressed man that always gets his way will do his best to please a woman by flaunting his wallet. Of course, being a woman that adores being pampered, I have no problem with that. I love having my body and mind worshiped whether it’s by dinner, shopping, or even physically with his tongue. Most of these types are used to getting their way because they can buy whatever or whoever they desire. You see, that might have been the case in his pathetic existence before Me. I can’t help it if I change and transform what I touch, can I? He’s used to being the boss. He’s used to giving orders and having everyone obey and bow before him. Obviously, he’s used to getting his way without question. It’s too bad he’s met his match in Me, becase I certainly know how to humiliate a man and bring him back to reality.

The only problem with his rich life is that he can’t buy a larger size cock.

If he could buy that, trust me he would. Most men, because I allow them to pamper and worship My body are a bit surprised when I tell them I am polyamorous. No amount of money can change that fact. Trust me when I say, many have tried. I’ve dated men with tons of money. It just seems that a big pocket book always equals a small penis. I’m not quite sure why.

I am certain however, that I was born to put these little dick-lets in their proper place.

As soon as I take a man home that has an unworthy penis, I always have him undress for Me.

Step one: Have him pull out his laugh worthy cock!

Step two: Laugh at it. (Have you HEARD My laugh?)

Step three: Pull out the dildo and compare

and finally Step four: Use the dildo on yourself while he watches.

Oh, the final ingredient in this evil recipe I like to call My life is this:

I ALWAYS have my biggest boyfriend, Aaron present. Aaron, who is also called my Tuesday night sex toy is secretly there. He hides out quietly in the extra bedroom and giggles to himself. I keep him there for protection first and foremost, but also for added humiliation. Sometimes I don’t use a dildo. Sometimes I enjoy My naked sex toy while Mr. pathetic dick is coerced to either watch or leave. You see not only is he a huge, almost 300 pounds of black mass, but he’s hung at over 9 and half inches. So as you can understand, that size man coming out of the bedroom is going to intimidate any man.

Now imagine if you will that man is you…..? Here’s a little hint for you.

Don’t piss off the huge, well hung, naked black man.

and that My dears is how I spell H U M I L I A T I O N!!!. 😛

Are you Ready for some serious cock control?


The Demon Mistress Simone

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