Hello pets! We, We being Mistress Sloane & Mistress Christine, were talking today about how much fun we have with all of our little dick losers out there. We were thinking it might be nice to do something special for you all. You know we considered getting you all a gift, like a fleshlight, but then we realized it wouldn’t be much fun for you because you won’t be able to feel anything when inside of it and you’ll keep slipping out. At least you’re good for some SPH laughs!

So, we decided you might get some enjoyment out of entertaining your sexy Mistresses.

Is that little dinky wenis ready to be humilated?

Ms. Christine: No Ms. Sloane, I wouldn’t say all of these little shrimp dicks stroke to us, it’s more like they diddle themselves to us.. or is it twiddle?

Ms. Sloane: LOL it’s definitely twiddle-not like there’s much to begin with! As small as those cocks are, I’ll bet they stroke (with a finger) (laugh) to the biggest set of boobies they can find, what do you think?

Ms. Christine: I think you’re right, lol…. I bet these dick-less wonders daydream about blowjobs too, but I’ll bet you a new pair of Jimmy Choo sandals that no Real Woman would suck such a tiny dink!

Ms. Sloane: Oh you’re ON! I can’t pass up a shot at Jimmy Choo! I take mine in size…7. (laugh) So…now I’ve got to find a woman…does she have to be…you know…alive?

Ms. Christine: Hahaha… I know what you’re thinking, a blow-up woman, right? It won’t work, for the same reason the fleshlight wouldn’t work, remember? That tienie wienie will just keep slipping out, lol….

Ms. Sloane: Right…(sigh) too small, yeah…well…so blow up women are out, fleshlights, they FALL out, well… hell! I want those shoes! Oh there’s GOT to be someone out there that likes her cocks to be of the cocktail variety! Right?….Hey! What about…a keyhole? They will fit! 😉

Ms. Christine: That could work… how about we split the difference? We get one of these little pindick losers to buy us both a pair? All for the pleasure of listening to us laugh and tease him?

Ms. Sloane: That’s the most likely way we’d ever get a pair, and sure! They love it when we call them out, it’s the least the dickless wonders can do! LOL So size 7 and in black stiletto heel for me…

Ohhh, lol… that’s too was too much fun. Still want more? Goodness, those ity bity wenises really do need lots of attention, lol… how about a little audio pleasure then? Click the little box below for, “Girlfriends Will Play!” and enjoy 🙂

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