Closet Crossdresser

You always tell me you don’t want to wear girls clothes, but I think you are a liar! I noticed how you’re always going through my lingerie drawer. You seem to take great joy and an extraordinary amount of time handwashing my bras and panties. Every once in a while one of those sets seems to go missing, then reappears days later. I think you need to admit that you like dressing up and until you do, no more orgasms for you! Don’t worry about me, I’ll be getting mine–from your mouth, your fingers and other men’s cocks. When you’re ready to admit to me that you’re a sissy crossdresser, you’ll have a little assignment to prove it to me.

Humiliating Assignment

When you’ve had enough chastity, you’ll go down downtown to the woman’s area of a major department store. You know – the one where all the pretty young girls shop? Yes, I go there to buy my stuff but I know you only come along to ogle those girls and to touch and feel the silky underthings in the lingerie section. You’re going to go down there to find the sexiest salesgirl you can and tell her you need a bra, panty and garter belt set. You also need a miniskirt, halter top and a pair of high-heeled Mary Janes. When she asks you “what size?”, you’re going to say “I don’t know. What size would I be?”. Then you’re going to add “You see, I’m a sissy crossdresser.”

You’re not done

After they’ve stopped laughing–and if they don’t throw you out on your ass– you will take everything she picks out for you, try it on and model it for her. Ask her what looks best on you, then buy them all. Make sure you add a nice pair of stockings to that list as well. Next, you will go over to the drug store and get yourself some make-up–foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. You’ll have no idea what goes with your skin tone so you’ll need to ask for help. Lastly, get a tube of “Fuck Me Red” lipstick.

When you come home after you’ve admited you’re my sissy crossdresser, I’ll dress you up, show you how to put all that make-up on, and we can spend the weekend together with you as my Lesbian girlfriend!

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