So my wee little man, what can you do to amuse Giantess Sonali today? I see you inside my dollhouse, lying on that hard little plastic bed. They really don’t make doll furniture for little men, do they? Well, you suffer for me and usually that does make me happy, but I need much more today. I know! How about we turn you into to a wee little sissy, and we can see if you can make my other dolls happy?

Dressing you up

I’ll usher you into Marbie’s room, she has the best clothes and she’s so nice to share them! Let’s get you naked. Your tiny little cock in the breeze makes me laugh! The size of your entire body doesn’t even compare to the size of the GIANT COCKS I need, so you can imagine how insignificant your dick is. Enough of that- let’s grab some bras, panties and a really short dress which barely covers your ass. I’ll get a small paintbrush so I can get some make-up on you and tart you all up! You look like such a little sissy slut! I think Marbie’s boyfriends Tony and Donny are getting a little excited!

Action figures need some action too

I had these dolls specially made – they’re anatomically correct! Well, for small men anyway. So why don’t you just crawl over to Tony there and pull down his shorts. Start sucking on his cock, while I slide Donny over and he grabs your hips in his karate grip!  Are you ready? You’re about to be spitroasted by my two action figures! While they may be anatomically correct, they never cum so your humiliation  is going to go on for as long as it amuses me!

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