I tell you that I have invited some of my girlfriends over tonight to have some wine and, you know, girl talk. I don’t want you getting in the way, so I tell you to go upstairs and stay in the bedroom.

The early evening passes and I know you can hear the girls and I laughing and having fun. I knock softly on our bedroom door and tell you to come down.

As you enter the dining room I smile, seeing your eyes widen as you notice that there is lingerie all over the table-an assortment of bras, panties, stockings, teddies and more.

I quickly dismiss your concerns about what might be happening knowing that you always obey me. You’re lucky to even have me, and you know it. That pathetic little thing you call a dick would never please me and hasn’t for some time…well maybe forever. You know it and I know it, it’s just that lately, I don’t even bother with you, I just go out and find a real man. I tell you to come over to the table and we all laugh as you look at the pictures laid out on the table.

Pictures of you, naked, standing at a railing by some beach.

Your tiny little penis can barely be seen in the picture. I turn to you and tell you I was just sharing some of our vacation pictures with the girls and ask if you remember where this was taken as the girls and I all have a good laugh.

I see you turn red as the humiliation runs through you.

“Aw,” I tell you, “it’s ok honey, not all guys can be real men, there have to be some pathetic losers with little tiny dicks, and you just happen to be one.”

Now, I know what will make you feel better! I tell you to take off your clothes and you look at me wild eyed. Come on honey, it’s just me and the girls, go ahead, take them off. The girls start clapping and chanting “take it off” and you slowly begin to unbutton your shirt. I put on some music and tell you to dance. You begin dancing for us and doing a striptease. I wanted this, you knew, and you would never disobey me. You strip down to your underwear and moving your hips around you turn your back to us and pull your underwear down and then turn back to face us.

I am sure the roar of laughter could be heard next door as the girls and I take in the site of your pitiful little clitty.

You stand there totally humiliated as we laugh, and then I tell you to start stroking it. I know you can’t believe this is happening but you obey me. I want to show the girls that this isn’t just “shrinkage” I want them to see the full or should I say minimal extent of what you have, what I have to deal with.

You begin to stroke your cock, even getting some playful help from the girls and finally I say,

“That’s it! It’s hard, can you tell? Isn’t that the most pathetic little penis you have ever seen?!”

The girls and I all have a good laugh as you stand there, hard dick and humiliated in front of us. I know you think it can’t get worse at this point, but that is when I say,  “Listen honey, the girls and I have been looking at lingerie, and we thought maybe you could model some for us. Here are some cute pink panties to start with.”

I gingerly hang the little panties on your tiny little hard on and we all have a good laugh—now the fun can begin!

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