Men approach me begging for a humiliation phone sex scene more often than you can imagine. That may be one of the reasons that I have come up with so many different kinds of ideas and ways to humiliate these men.  In fact, I have created my own personal set of rules that men absolutely must adhere to if they desire to stay within the presence of a Humiliatrix such as myself!

Much like preparation for joining a normal military unit, all humiliation bootcamp trainees must be emasculated before any real training can commence.  For humiliation slaves this is a pertinent foundation to their training.

I find that there are a few key ways in which to keep the small dick loser reminded of his position in my chain of command.  One of the first things that happens is I completely shave the body hair off of my new submissive. Then I demand he wear a cock ring at all times!  Feeling the cock ring beneath his clothing, attached to his small dick, should be a constant reminder of just how useless he is to his Mistress.

One of the very roots of a man’s pride and masculinity is the fact that he is the “bread winner,” or the one that holds the money.  This is one reason it is crucial to take away his wallet and make him carry a purse. This can be especially humiliating if you intentionally make a show of him paying for a dinner date as he opens his purse in front of the waiter.

Incidentally, we can’t forget about how important it is to dress for our dinner date now can we?  We are on a humiliation mission after all.  I prefer to make some of my humiliation tactics almost unnoticeable.  One of my favorite things to do when dressing my humiliation addict is to dress him in standard male attire with some “special additions”. I have him put on a pair of my panties and insert a tampon. Instead of a shirt he will wear a woman’s blouse, and then a spritz of my favorite perfume.

These are just a few of the subtle methods I use to begin the emasculation process.  Humiliation does not have to come in a blatant verbal style or in a loud vivacious display of public humiliation.  Often the best humiliation comes from the subtle undertones of pushing the boundaries with your submissive pets.

Are you ready to join my humiliation boot camp and undergo a brand new form of transformation? I promise it will be a wicked mind fuck and load blowing experience?

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