There are many steps in training a slave boy for his first coerced bi experience (or not so coerced!). One of the very first of those steps is teaching him not to be afraid of the taste of cum.  It sounds easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest obstacles to overcome for most men. That’s why I put it as one of the very first steps toward coerced cocksucking, so that we can get it out of the way to start with.

Tasting Your Own Cum

Usually, a man is less worried about the taste of his own cum than the taste of another man’s, so that’s where I begin most of the time. It’s easier to get some men to eat their cum than others, but, ultimately, they all give in to their favorite black Mistress’s orders.

Learning to Enjoy Cum Eating

I take the cum eating in stages. First, I have them taste their precum while I’m giving them guided masturbation instructions. Once that has become commonplace, I have them dip the tip of a finger into their cum after they’ve shot a big load and then hold that finger to their lips. Soon, it progresses to eating their entire loads! Once I have them excited about cum drinking, I know that it’s time to move onto the next step. And what might the next step be? Strap on training, of course! If you ask nicely, I might even smear a little precum on the head of my dildo so that you can lick it off.

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