You are a pathetic small dick loser

It’s no surprise to hear this come from me, is it? You’ve heard it all your life. Any woman who has experienced the displeasure of seeing you naked has either laughed or left. In fact you have suffered a life time of ridicule for that ridiculously tiny penis. And now you’ve now come to me because you find it turns you on. You’ve come to enjoy the degrading comments and laughter. In fact I bet your little dicklett is starting to tingle even now. Such a pathetic small dick loser!

So, tell me what is was like to be you. I suppose shower time in gym class was always painful. Did you date much? How did it go? Did it go well until it came down to what men are really good for? You could never satisfy a woman with that tiny little clitty you call a cock. I can almost imagine the looks and comments you have endured over time. This made you feel bad, didn’t it?

So I am here now, pet, I want to tell you that everybody has been right. You are a pathetic loser.

I have seen a lot of cocks in my time, and yours is the tiniest little thing I have ever seen. It’s almost not there. Those feelings you have of not measuring up, well they are spot on, you don’t measure up. You don’t even come close.

You have only one purpose and that is to be my total humiliation slut.

The only way you will ever pleasure a woman is to allow me the pleasure of degrading you and utterly reinforcing your total lack of manhood. Let me reach into your soul and remind you of why you lack self esteem, why you are not successful and why you will never please a woman sexually. I know you can feel that tingle, that twitch already and I am laughing at the very thought of your tiny little hard on. I can’t wait to hear from you and make you my humiliation slave.

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