Well little man I suppose you wonder what’s happening today. And I do mean little, in fact you’re tiny and I, Mistress Ivy, am your giantess, mistress and keeper. I pick you up out of the cat’s bed which I allow you to sleep in, although sometimes the cat has issues with that and kicks you out, because you are tiny even to my cat ~giggle~. I have a few friends coming over today to see you and we want to have some fun. Little did you know I have asked each to bring their favorite Barbie outfit for you to try on. We are going to have a tiny man show (well…a FASHION show) and.. well you’re the model.. hahaha

I take you downstairs and put you on the dining room table as the guests arrive. As each arrives they greet you with a laugh and comment on how that tiny little man is so cute as they lay out the clothing they brought for you. You stand there naked and embarrassed as we giggle at that tiny little dicklet and wonder how would you ever please a real woman. And of course the conclusion is always, I guess he never will and laughter all around at your expense.

It’s time for the fashion show and the first outfit is a stunning yellow blouse and white pencil skirt. One of the ladies even happened to find and bring a pink barbie size bra and panties for you to wear. We dress you up and get you in a pair of barbie’s heels and have you prance around modeling for us to our sheer delight, laughter and clapping. We of course are enjoying a fine wine and finger snacks for the show. The next outfit is a racy black negligee and some black stilettos. We watch as you strip and change for us and all have a wonderful laugh at your clumsiness in high heels.

For our final outfit I personally picked out a Barbie one-piece swimsuit which we have you change into, but I bring out my clear glass mixing bowl full of water and I drop you in. Oooops, I had no idea you couldn’t swim until we see you flailing around in the bowl, dropping under the water. It’s too much and you almost drown as we all have a good laugh. Finally I pick you out of the bowl and set you back on the table. I give you a washcloth to dry yourself off with.

That was fun I say to the giant ladies around the table, what shall we do with him now? Would you like be the focus of a multi-giantess party? What do you want us to do with you next? Give me a call and let’s talk about it.

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