Mistress is going to take you on a shopping adventure!  One that will be very amusing for Me.  YOU might be more than a little embarrassed.  ~laughs~  Good!  In fact, if you get that nice rosy glow from your blush then that will make Me smile and laugh all the more!

Let’s talk about what you wear for your shopping excursion.  You know you must have the proper attire.

I want you in panties.  ~laughs~  Yes, panties!  Even if you’re not a sissy I want you in panties.  They can be any type of panties, but you must walk into the store knowing that you are a man in panties!

Those panties will remind you that Mistress controls your cock and balls.  Mistress is organizing this outing….and it will be an outing in the sense that you will be blushing and stammering your way through the instructions!

Now, go to an Adult Book Store.

As you walk in the front door of that adult book store I want you to concentrate on how those panties feel.  Are they snug and getting tighter?  Do you think the clerk behind the counter knows that you are wearing sexy panties?  I bet that clerk sure does know you’re aroused just by the way you’re acting.  ~grinz~  Oh yeah, they know!

Now, go up to the counter and say the following things:

“Excuse me, I have been instructed to get a vibrating egg, can you help me?”

I’m going to send you on a shopping trip through the store, each time going back to the counter to ask for and then retrieve the item I want you to get. Here’s your shopping erotic humiliation assignment.

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