You Need Guidance For Small Penis Humiliation

Your tiny tiny little penis is so cute. So silly and useless. Like a tiny knickknack that belongs on a keychain. A miniature bauble. No real purpose. Just an odd little decoration reminiscent of some larger useful tool. I might pinch it just to see if it is real. I might giggle at your adorable little pretend cock just because I can’t help myself. I might even show it to my friends in disbelief. Is this thing real? It is hard to imagine anyone having such bad luck. Does this much small penis humiliation make it stand up? Adorable!

Honesty is Best!

In my mind, I am not being cruel, I am helping you. Honesty is always the best policy, right? I am just trying to help you accept reality. You are inadequate. Your silly excuse for a cock will never satisfy anyone. You need to accept that. And I am here to help you.

I sure hope you have a talented tongue! If not, we should begin your oral training immediately! That will be essential. Also, it will help if you throw out the last shreds of your dignity and any illusions of pride. Because I think you may need to accept a life of cuckoldry. Where you watch men do what you cannot. You may even be asked to find those men. If your lot in life is especially pathetic and sad, you may even be asked to suck those men to attention so they are ready for the tasks at hand.

Just remember, I am here to help. Call me.

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