Humiliation Assignment for Strokers

I was talking to a stroker boy this past weekend and he was complaining that the only thing his cock has been “getting into lately” is his palm, and although he loves guided masturbation, he needs a little more. My suggestion? A little erotic humiliation, of course, lol… He loved my humiliation assignment for strokers.

To accommodate his love of pumping with a little sweet degradation, I decided it was time to pull out an old favorite of mine… the “couch humper.” I instructed my pet to get a towel, a plastic freezer bag (freezer bags work best), some lube, and bring it all to the couch. Once there, it was time to assemble the “humping hole” or “couch pussy” if you will.

Hope You Love Your Furniture!

From here, I’m going to tell you, my readers what to do, just as I did my little pet. So go get the supplies I instructed him to get and meet me at your couch.

Now, place the towel between two couch cushions, doubled over and leaving some excess on top of each cushion. This towel will act as a protective barrier for your cushions so you won’t ruin the fabric. I mean, just because you are worthless doesn’t mean we have to reduce the furniture to your level, right?

Now, I want you strip naked. good boy, lol… Next, squirt plenty of lube into the baggie; I want it to be a nice, wet mess. Finally, ease the baggie between the two layers of towel and two cushions, with some excess sticking up from them to keep your little hump bag from getting lost.

Now is your fun time. I want you to stroke your cock just enough to get hard for me. Then, I want you on the couch, belly down. Point the head of your cock at the opening of your baggie. Now go full in and start pumping… that’s it, pillage that wet hole for me. Now, the only thing left to wonder is: am I going to let you cum or was all this just a humiliating set-up for a little orgasm denial fun?

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