Do you know why I enjoy Erotic Humiliation?

Because I LOVE the redness in your cheeks as you are tormented, I love the look in your eyes as you fight to look away, I love the power I feel when I’ve humiliated you beyond the point of return, when I’ve used something you KNOW you can’t get away from.

And you know that you crave it.

Humiliation comes in many different forms; from pointing and laughing at your pathetic excuse for a penis, to something much deeper. Humiliation can literally be about anything.

You will tell me your deepest secrets to entertain me. And you know that they will be used to torment you.

Take my last humiliation pet for example.

It took me just a little bit to pull out his deepest, darkest, desires. But he caved. He told me everything. He told me how he longed to suck the cock of a big black hung man; he told me how much he craved the thick creamy white cum that fills his balls.

It was a fun humiliation role play session when I had him on his hands and knees, eagerly sucking on the big black cock in front of him. I watched closely…I took pictures. I had him kiss the mushroom head of that cock, and snapped a picture of his lips pushed together and a string of cum connecting his lips to the cock.

The pictures, we had developed at the mall in poster size shots, hung up in the windows for all the passersby to view. Then I had several fliers printed up, and he was instructed to hand them all out as I walked behind him; smiling the whole way.

I could hear the embarrassment and humiliation in his voice…I loved every minute of it…And so did he.

That is just one of many of my humiliation play toys; all of them different, all of them equally as entertaining.

What about you is absolutely humiliating? You know what it is, because right now your face has become flushed thinking about it. You KNOW you want to tell me….Come out and play my pet, and our phone humiliation games can begin!

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