Masturbation month is arriving in just a few days so you might as well get an early start, right? Yes, I know you are a chronic masturbator and you more than likely masturbate daily. Well, today is no different, of course. However, today, you will masturbate according to my instructions and the outcome will be whatever I decide. As long as you agree to those rules, read on.

Since we both know this is a humiliation assignment as well as a stroking assignment I’ll start with the list of things you need to have on hand.

1. Three Cannolis or fruit snack pies
2. Your hard cock (however large or small it might be)
3. Baby Wipes
4. Bring your appetite, darling

You may choose any flavor of fruit pie you like. Naturally we all know cannolis are filled with cream and I really prefer that if you can find one, you acquire it.

Once you have your items purchased and you’ve arrived home set the pies or cannolis down on the coffee table along with some baby wipes. Take off all of your clothes and have a seat as close to the coffee table as possible.

Now, I want you to start stroking your cock a bit. Go on and get it hard, or as hard as you can. Once you have a good erection I want you to pick up one of the cannolis or pies. Place it in your dominant hand and insert your cock into it. Yes, that’s what I said. You will fuck this cannoli or pie today. You’re going to be a little food fucker. In fact, you’re going to fuck your dessert until you cum. If you ruin a pie or cannoli, pick up another one. Keep going until you finally cum. When you do, eat the pie or cannoli that you came in. I’m not kidding, fucktard, eat it. When you’ve finished your dessert, listen to the audio below.

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