So, after chatting with a shrimp dick for a while last night we were talking about the perils of having a little pee pee – you know them well, I’m sure. you can’t use fun toys like fleshlights because you just can’t keep it in, and it’s not even tight enough for your little thing. You can’t even use your whole hand to jerk it, cause it just kinda gets lost. The first finger or so combined with your thumb is usually enough. In fact, it’s not even as much “stroking” as it is “Diddling” or “twiddling,” right? Right. Over the course of this humiliation phone sex call, we discussed how guys with a tiny dick usually have freakishly big balls. I laughed then and said I bet it was hard not to tinkle on them when going to the bathroom. That got me thinking, and I present to you LDW’s latest do-it-yourself project: THE BALL BIB

Tiny Dick DIY

Supplies needed: Thin pink ribbon (about 5 inches worth), fabric glue, and a swatch of pretty pink fabric, about 4 inches square.

Step 1. Take a tape measure, measure the width and height of your balls’ surface from the front. Take notes of them, you’ll need it later.

Step 2. Cut out a square that is the width and height that you took the measurements of. Allow about an extra 3/4 inch for the height for the ribbon.

Step 3. Using the craft glue, secure the ribbon onto the top of the fabric square. Let it dry thorougly before use.

And, voila! Use the ribbon to tie it around your sad little cock, and you now have a ball bib, keeping them free from tinkle spills. Make sure to wash it regularly and hang it up where everyone can see!

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