Every now and again, a certain slut makes their way to my line and gives me great inspiration. Here is your  assignment based on an inspirational call with “ass boi”. Of course, if you can top his performance, you will get praise on my blog. A free call you say? Get outa here!

First, be sure to have a workable cam for yahoo msgr. I will want to see the performance from start to finish. Before the performance you will make a glory hole out of a large piece of cardboard. Cut a hole in the middle, large enough to put a big thick dildo through. Paint the cardboard black, and in white paint, put your slut name above the hole, and a creative little quip about what a cocksucker you are for Mistress. You may add other writing like: “for a good time call…..”, “so and so is an ass slut”, “so and so is a faggot sissy”, you get the picture. Take a picture of your art work. The best picture is featured on my blog. I do not want a picture of your pathetic face, small dick, or fat ass. Just the art work. Send it to my email.


Time for the slut to set up a call. I want you crossdressed, in a clown suit, or any other humiliating and degrading costume you have. I suggest a dunce cap with everything, in fact I demand it. Write on this dunce cap, “moron for Mistress”. Once everything is in order, you will call and give me a show. The “glory hole” will be the backdrop. The huge thick dildo will be attached to the back. Put on your thinking dunce cap and figure a way to keep it there while you suck it and grovel on your knees, worshiping it like a little fag does. The slut will have a large black visible butt plug in his ass while the performance proceeds.

Will you get to cum? Only if you win the best artwork, only when I post it as first prize, and only if I say so. Now get to work, humiliated glory hole slut.


Mistress Cassandra

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