I like music.  Don’t you like music?  Today your noisy humiliation will be music to My ears.

That’s right. Noisy Humiliation! 


Do you tremble just a bit as you read that?  Is there a rustle in your pants?  ~wicked laugh~  By the time I get through with you, there’s going to be even more of a rustle.

Humiliation Assignments from Olivia Are FUN!

Get a roll of tinfoil.  Good.  Now STRIP.  Take off all your clothes.  Now fashion a pair of tinfoil panties.  ~nods~  Yes, I said tinfoil panties……use a lot of tinfoil, make sure there’s room because the tinfoil won’t give like fabric.  Test out the tinfoil panties.  Make sure you can sit down.  If you need to re-work your tinfoil panties do that now.

When you’re done fashioning the tinfoil panties I want you to get dressed.  And then, go about your day.  LOL  Seriously, go to work, run errands, do all the things you normally do.

Pay Attention

Notice the rustle; the crinkle and crackle of that tinfoil?  Every step you take, every move you make that tinfoil makes a noise.  Do you think people notice?  ~laughs~  Let’s find out, shall we?

Your humiliation assignment is to NOTICE things.  Notice how people look at you.  It’s probably with a mixture of curiosity and puzzlement.  After all, you ARE wearing normal clothes.  They might not say anything to you but you will see the expressions in their eyes, on their faces, as they try to figure out what is making that noise.

It will dawn on them that the noise is coming from YOU and since they can’t SEE what is making the crinkling noise, they will realize that it is coming from UNDER your clothes!  ~laughs~

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