Write On Your Penis For Me!

I enjoy having you as My new assistant.  Your service, so far, has been okay but I want you to learn a new skill today.  We will take your service to Mistress to a new level.  It amuses Me to stretch your limits and move you out of your comfort zone.  Why?  Because I like to see you blush.  I like to hear you gasp and fumble around for the correct thing to say and do.  It makes Me wet to see you cringe with the knowledge that I can make you do the most humiliating things. For example, I want you to write on your penis today.

My Little Bitch

Now, I know that you’re normally in charge in the professional world but this humiliation assignment will turn you into My lil bitch.  Ahhhhh, I like the sound of that.  My lil bitch.  It has such nice and naughty connotations of servitude and submission.  It has just the right dash of humiliation.  But, let’s take it even farther, shall we?

~laughs~ Is your heart starting to race?  Is your pulse starting to pound just a little faster?

~nods~ I know.  I like to hear that catch in your voice; that subtle moan as you begin to fall under My control.  Now, go get a Sharpie.  Basic black is fine but if you have several colors that will be even better.

Follow My Instructions:

Take off your clothes and stand naked in front of a mirror holding the sharpie.  First put the sharpie right next to your dick.  Awwwww……~laughs and points at your cock~ … THAT is the reason why I do these things to you.  That pitiful thingy is not all that useful for manly man things.  It is only useful for loser things.  ~points~ You know THAT is not getting anywhere near My lusciousness.  So I have to find a special use for that and for you.

~laughs as My gaze travels down your naked body~ I see that you have a writing surface.  NOW you will take DICK-tation for Mistress.  Write small.  There’s obviously not a lot of room there. ~laughs~

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