Does your penis have a name? I’m curious, really I am. What do you call it? Here are some names: The General …. because it stands at attention and demands respect. The Big Guy because, well, it’s big and attached to a guy. I read where one man calls his dick the Independent Contractor because ‘it’ acts like one. The Wee Weeney…

Ha! The Wee Weeney!

Or …. is your weeee willy wanker just soooooooo small that it doesn’t even deserve a name? Awwwww. There you go…..yet another reason why you are totally inadequate in the manly man department. ~laughs~ But, you suspected that was the case, didn’t you? So, let’s get out our trusty sharpie and correct the problem of your un-named penis. We’ll do it right now. Get the sharpie. Take off your clothes. The Experienced Mistress Olivia will watch as you follow instructions. All set? Good!

Put your fingers under your balls and write ….. hmmmm……okay, put ONE FINGER under your balls and write ….. okay, wait you can’t actually WRITE on your balls can you? Awwwwww You might not even be big enough to do a humiliation assignment. ~laughs~ Woah! That’s gotta hurt dude!

Okay, but I’m a can do kind of Mistress so let’s try something else. Stroke until you’re at full hardness and we’ll write on your dick. Really. No I said STROKE. GET HARD. No, I want your penis erect for this assignment. ~ blinks ~ Ohhhhhhhhh. I see what the problem is here. At least I think I see what the problem is. Hold on, I still might have a solution. I am the Experienced Mistress and an expert (or sexpert) at dealing with all kinds of sexual issues. And, I bet you have more than your share of sexual issues, don’t you? In fact, I bet you don’t get any lovin’ at all. ~points~ Not with THAT, you don’t. ~ laughs~ Okay, but let’s get back to the assignment and some more small penis humiliation. ~laughs~

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